Supporting Excellence in Human Services

Supporting Excellence in Human Services

We bring together world class professionals experienced in a wide range of fields related to ageing to find creative and cost effective solutions for our customers for the benefit of people and communities.

We particularly focus on the development of innovative solutions to housing in later life including Age Friendly Communities, Re-urbanisation, Integrated Cross Generational Living, and Inclusive Communities for built up and regional areas. This includes advice for ongoing management and extra care.

Complimentary to this is our quality, audit and compliance systems which help organisations and companies exceed standards. We cover all types of national and international standards including housing, residential, and community which include the built form, service delivery, governance, risk management and environmental services. Our services range from gap analysis, development of new standards through to a world class ‘cloud based’ Quality Management System (QMS) to solve all your quality needs.

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Standards Wise International is a consortium of world class experts based in the UK and other countries around the world with proven experience in undertaking projects. Their experience transcends not for profit organisations, government at different levels, for profit companies, developers, investors, peak bodies and tertiary institutions at the highest levels. Their knowledge on national and international trends, models, experiences, legislation, problems is invaluable to any project. We share a passion to develop creative solutions to the housing needs, ageing process, care, lifestyle and integration of generations. Our approach brings together a highly experienced ‘think tank’ to initially explore opportunities/projects/proposals to offer a solution(s) and then narrow this down to a team of experts matched to your organisation/government department/company who work with you for the entirety or stages.



ARCO Consumer Code
Fundamental Standards of Care (UK)
ISO:9001 Quality Management Systems
ARVAS Australia


We provide a range of services to the Ageing and Retirement Living industries including those services listed below:

Retirement Living

We provide advice on retirement living models combined with care and services.

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Policy Systems

Policies available individually or in packages for service delivery, management, HR, and governance.

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Choose from a wide range of audit packages which cover the range of Standards applicable to human services.

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Risk Management

We have standard templates available to purchase which you can apply to your organisation.

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We provide support to achieve accreditation for the ARCO Consumer Code, Fundamental Standards of Care, Pride in Care.

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We provide training and support to Boards, managers and staff for governance, risk, person centred care, and customer service.

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Customer Service

We provide workshops and training programs for managers and staff in developing a customer driven service culture.

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A cloud based Quality Management System designed specifically for Human Service Organisations.  

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Standards Wise International has knowledge of and frameworks to meet the most common UK and International Standards in Aged Care and Assisted Living. While the standards differ from each other, the general quality of care principles remain common to all Nations.

Development of Best Practice in delivering Standards, Accreditation and Quality Management in the Aged Care and Retirement Living environments are our areas of expertise.



Some of our current UK and International Projects include:

Retirement Living Planning
Retirement Living Planning
Rainbow tick accreditation
Rainbow tick accreditation
Retirement Living Care Services
Retirement Living Care Services
Fundamental Standards internal Auditing
Fundamental Standards internal Auditing
Audit toolkit and online quality audit system
Audit toolkit and online quality audit system


"Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, caring, friendly, genuine, easy to deal with, informative, understanding, excellent, prompt, and approachable.

We have a highly experienced team of experts in retirement living and human services.

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David Stevens
Founder & CEO

A background in Psychology and Anthropology from Adelaide and Flinders Universities has provided a sound basis for the development of David’s career. He is currently a key advisor to governments and organisations within Australia and overseas on service development and quality frameworks. Early in his career, he was nominated and successfully attended the Queen Elizabeth II Trust for One Hundred Young Leaders in Australia in recognition of contribution to and influence in the aged and community care sector.

His respected knowledge in the field of Ageing and the Baby Boomers, and his recognised research abilities has seen him engaged to develop policy and strategic planning advice based on future predictions for the benefit of large scale communities and peoples - working with Governments to benefit the future of Ageing.

David has enjoyed supporting a diverse range of organisations, developing and strengthening their quality systems as well as assisting the implementation of improved outcomes for their clients. His time in the community sector has stretched across youth, family, mental health, disability, aged care, homelessness, alcohol and drugs, and culturally specific services.

His work has taken him across all States and Regions of Australia, and on the broader stage across nations in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Directing targeted expertise and developing frameworks that work both at a policy level and in real life are highly developed skills which he has proven over his 30 year career, helping to promote change for the better both in Australia and Overseas.

Directing targeted expertise and developing frameworks that work both at a policy level and in real life are highly developed skills which he has proven over his 30 year career, helping to promote change for the better both in Australia and Overseas. Please contact us for a more detailed Curriculum Vitae.




Some of the questions people have been asking our team include:
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How do I get more information on products and services?
Can Standards Wise come out and assess my organisation for Risk, Compliance and improved Systems and Processes?
Do Standards Wise do Internal Audits of organisations?
Can Standards Wise train my staff to undertake Internal Audits?
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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Standards Wise is committed to being inclusive. We highly value and celebrate diversity and believe in equity. We demonstrate this through inclusive employment and through business practices that ensure that people of diverse social groups, such as culturally and linguistically diverse communities, members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, people on the autism spectrum and those living with visible and invisible disability are treated with respect and equity.

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