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We develop international sets of Standards in areas that have either limited regulation or do not have existing industry lead standards.

We also target key areas of Human Rights and experience which are critical to supporting the optimal wellbeing of people, particular for those who are marginalised and vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

The Standards focus on development and innovation whilst also promoting continuous improvement, consistency of practice, safety and optimal wellbeing for older people.

The Standards include promoting cultural sensitivity, best practice, respect for local norms and context, Country values, government, operational, legal, financial, and geographic requirements. They include both core and developmental criteria, with a focus on the consumer experience and outcomes.

They include broader societal or unique community aspects to represent teh expected elements of corporate and social responsibility which are increasingly recognised as critical in the license to operate. They follow a systems based approach and encourage the opportunity to improve over time from a basic standard to a higher rating.


They allow for all difference types of Senior Living communities and provider across the Globe to be accredited and promote their achievements to their target markets.

Senior Living Standards - International

For Senior Living communities and providers who want to provide a high quality experience for all tenants/consumers and assure consumers and their families that the living environment, design and services they provide are benchmarked to International Standards.


Consumer Lead Leadership Standards

For progressive Human Service organisations/ providers in the fields of Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Services who want to go beyond person centred care to fully realise a consumer focussed service offering encompassing all strategic and operational levels.

These Standards include a section on the development of teh workforce and valuing the contribution of staff to supporting customer lead decision making and optimal outcomes


Human Rights Standards

These Standards were developed to provide awareness and a single focus for providers on the breadth of requirements to ensure that Human Rights are consistently advocated for and upheld by the organisation. Existing sets of standards touch lightly on the organisations requirements for supporting Human Rights.


Ageing Well Standards

These Standards focus on areas important to supporting ageing well for all older people particularly for those with fewer resources who are at significant risk and marginalised, and who have significant physical and cognitive needs. They work to reduce ageism, prejudice, judgement, abuse and neglect.

Find out more about our Standards.

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