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Training & Development

We help to upskill and build both the confidence and competency of your workforce.


We provide training presentation packages online to groups of staff and/or one on one support if required.


The training packages are bespoke based on the latest best practice techniques and can be further customized for you organisation.

Education & Training Packages

·      Better Governance

·      Leadership

·      Person Centred Care

·      Clinical care

·      Incident Management

·      Pandemic management

·      Risk management 

·      Aged Care Standards

·      Disability Standards

·      Consumer Lead Leadership 

Confident Mature Woman

Abbey was looking to move up the organisational ladder and required support to ensure her quality and compliance skills were current. Standards Wise provided her with easy to access packages to grow her knowledge and confidence which led to her applying for a management role within her own organisation.

Jeff, Chair of his organisation's Board, was unsure of the latest Governance best practice and sought whole of Board training modules and support from Standards Wise to improve knowledge and confidence in the Board at all levels. Compliance goals were reached and management had greater confidence in Board decisions moving forward.

Aisha had great person to person skills, and was keen to do well in her new organisation. Her manager had identified some shortfalls in her knowledge of Pandemic Management and Wound Management at the point of contact and when working with other staff. Standards Wise provided the team with easy to understand training modules which uplifted her and her teams skills while also improving their chances of meeting compliance standards at Audit time.

Their Stories
Together at the Top

We provide all your training & development needs in easy to use formats, with ongoing support if required.

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