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Standards Wise and UTS partner on AI Tech to address Abuse & Neglect.

According to new data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) around 1 in 6 people 60 years and older experienced some form of abuse during the past year (2022).

After wide consultation the WHO response establishes five priorities:

• Combat ageism as it is a major reason why the abuse of older people receives so little attention.

• Generate more and better data to raise awareness of the problem.

• Develop and scale up cost–effective solutions to stop abuse of older people.

• Make an investment case focusing on how addressing the problem is money well spent.

• Raise funds as more resources are needed to tackle the problem.

Standards Wise and UTS collaborate

In 2021, SW Founder David Stevens initiated a collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney headed by Professor Farookh Hussain Head of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Institute. In conjunction with SWI IP and experience, UTS developed an innovative and robust AI led solution to the problem of elder abuse and neglect, particularly starting in care homes, residential and community care settings. A sophisticated and individualised anonymised data collection and analysis platform which can individually benchmark each individuals wellness needs has been developed. The Software application enables identification of all potential abuse and neglect incidences of consumers in real time, with early intervention and immediate response key outcomes for the prevention of abuse and neglect. For more information, or to partner on the journey with us contact us.

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